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Acidic Foods vs. Tooth Enamel

organicfruitMost people know that high sugar foods and drinks like candy and carbonate beverages are bad for your teeth, but the acidity of the foods we consume can also affect our teeth by damaging the enamel.

This includes lots of healthy foods that you may not realize can have an effect on your teeth, so it’s good to know how to balance out the pH levels of what we eat.

Fruits such as apples and oranges are surprisingly hard on your enamel. You just want to be sure to rinse the mouth afterwards. Diet drinks may not contain sugar but the acidity of diet carbonate drinks is extremely high, making it one of the worse products for your teeth. Here is a link for a list of foods and there acidity levels: http://www.pronamel.us/what_is_acid_erosion/about_acidic_foods.aspx

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