How many of you have participated this year for Movember? Moustaches and beards has been the autumn trend for men to raise an awareness of men’s health issues.  The Movember Foundation has raised $174-million worldwide with this event. Did you know that as of 2011, Canadians were the largest contributors to the Movember charities of any nation? WOOHOO GO CANADA!

Men, women and children’s health are all important, and we thank you those ones that participated in this event. The Movember Foundation recommends that men become more aware of their health, to choose a healthier lifestyle, and to get regular doctor check-ups. One part of taking care of your health is taking care of your teeth! You know the drill: Brush for 2 minutes in the morning and at night, and flossing once before you brush at night. Please don’t neglect coming to the dentist for regular dental checkups as well. They are educated and trained professionals that want to help you. So please do not hesitate to book your appointment!


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